Sir Charles BellAs with all other regiments in the British Army during the War of 1812, the Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles had it’s own surgical staff. The surgeon was responsible for everything from examining recruits to setting up and maintaining the regimental hospital. Captain Alexander Cunningham, who was the Glen surgeon, spent most of the war in Montreal and Trois-Riviers treating the men. It was in fact Assistant Surgeon, Lieutenant Robert Horne, along with his surgeon’s mates, who were the primary source of care while the Glens were on campaign.

The regimental surgeon’s uniform was a combination of the medical staff officer’s dress and regimental style. Their coats were single breasted with embroidered loops on the breast, but facings in regimental colouring with regimental lace, buttons and epaulettes. They carried a sword suspended from a narrow, black waistbelt. The medical staff wore bicorns while the regimental surgeons wore the headdress of the regiment. The black feather in the hat was worn only by the medical and Judge-Advocate’s departments.