"Necessaries" Supplied by the Colonel

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"Necessaries" Supplied by the Colonel

Post by pud » Thu Oct 19, 2006 9:50 am

Source: A Media Plan for Military Animation. William Henry. Toronto, Ontario, 1977. p.11.

"Before being sent to join the Regiment, the Soldier was required to supply himself with a variety of articles collectively referred to as his Regimental Necessaries. Some of these were supplied free of charge by the Colonel, while the Soldier purchased the others with a portion of his Bounty. These necessaries are outlined in a Royal Warrant, 15 July, 1812, in a section titled Regulations For The Procurement Of Clothing. The portion referring to overseas duty is condensed below:

Necessaries Supplied by the Colonel

1 cap, cockade, tuft, plate and cap cover - every 2 years
1 coat - every year
1 waistcoat - every year
1 pair grey pantaloons - every year
1 pair military shoes - every year
1 great coat - every 2 years in Canada, every 3 years elsewhere"

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