Musket care

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Musket care

Post by Glengarry Fencible » Thu Jun 29, 2006 5:05 pm

The solution:

1 part Murphy's Oil Soap (Grocery store)
1 part Methyl Hydrate (Canadian Tire- paint Dept.)
1 part Hydrogen peroxide (Pharmacy)

Plug the touch hole with a round tooth pick.

Pour in a liberal amount of the cleaner.

Grab the musket in both hands. (one on the muzzle, the other somewhere around the lock)

Use your thumb to cover the muzzle.

Start tipping the musket slowly from end to end while rotating it to insure that the barrel is cleaned around the whole diameter & the full length of it.

After about 8-10 times take your thumb away from the muzzle & then tip up the musket to pour out the solution into the laundry tub.

Stand the musket upright again & repeat until clean, usually 3-4 times.

Once the barrel is clean I remove the toothpick from the touch hole & lay the musket across the laundry tub.

Squirt some of the cleaner onto an old toothbrush & use this to rub down the dirty area around the lock. (including any wood that may be covered with powder residue)

Rinse the toothbrush clean & repeat.

Then wipe the lock area thoroughly with an old rag or paper towel until clean.

Use an old rag or paper towel to wipe down the barrel or any other part of the musket that may have residue of the cleaning solution on it.

Voila... good to go. :D

I recommend this approach for normal cleaning. However you should still strip the musket down from time to time to clean the hard to reach places & to clean the brass. I also like to clean & inspect the backside of the lock.

By squirting this solution on & using a toothbrush you can clean the lock without taking it apart.

*Source: Ed and Kevin from Barrie*

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