The Servos Cemetery - 1783 to 1944

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The Servos Cemetery - 1783 to 1944

Post by pud » Thu Dec 27, 2007 9:58 pm

Bill and Dave,

Do you remember when we were at the Willowbank event this past summer and you guys showed me the cemetery that you had found on the other side of the creek? Well, here's a picture of it for you from about 30 years ago.


It's called the "Servos Cemetery". It turns out that Capt. [Daniel] Servos, in 1783, constructed himself a grist mill in that area right on the Four-Mile Creek and then built his family home very close by on the hill which was known then as "Palatine Hill". About four generations of his family are buried in there. Apparently there are even some Native Indians buried in there that were casualties of the war of 1812.

The stone wall around it was constructed to protect it. And remember how we marveled at how well the foregrounds were kept? Well, it turns out that the local municipal workers are sent there a few times each year to keep it trimmed and neat. Cool!

Now you can update the captions on the pictures that you took.


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