June 6, 1813 - The Battle at Stoney Creek

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June 6, 1813 - The Battle at Stoney Creek

Post by pud » Mon Aug 06, 2007 4:13 pm

Source: The Diary of Colonel Claus (while stationed at Fort George, May/June, 1813)

"5th - Sent my family to York in a boat. In the evening an express arrived saying that the enemy had advanced to Stoney Creek; that their advance was engaged with Lt.-Colonel Williams, 49th light infantry. The light infantry of the King' s was sent out to support them. Their main force, 3, 500, halted at Gage's. At 11 this night the King' s and 49th advanced with one 6-pounder.

6th - half past 2 a.m. Our troops (as above) attacked the enemy in their camp and after half an hour's engagement were retired, taking 4 pieces of artillery, 3 of them six-pounders, one a howitzer that had been taken at Saratoga. They retook 2 six-pounders. The wounded, killed, prisoners and missing was great, upwards of 200. We took General's Winder and Chandler and several officers and 97 sergeants and privates. Wounded of ours, Lt.-Colonels Plenderleath and Clark, 49th; Lt.-Colonel Ogilvie, King's; several officers killed; Ensign Drury, 49th, severely wounded in the head; the American surgeon who attended him took his watch and money from him."

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