May of 1813 - Lower Niagara patrolled due to capture of York

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May of 1813 - Lower Niagara patrolled due to capture of York

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Source: The Documentary History Of The Campaign upon the Niagara Frontier In The Year 1813. Part 1, January to June, 1813. Lt.-Col. E. Cruikshank. Printed at the Tribune Office, Welland. 1902. p. 220.

"Memorandum by Captain W. H. Merritt.

Nothing material transpired until the capture of York, when I was sent to bring the boats down at Burlington. I performed this service so quick that General Vincent and Harvey, who I conceived to be most against me, took me by the hand, thanked me for the service I had performed, praised my zeal, etc. Appearances from this changed; the former ever after proved my best friend; he was really and truly a good man. I was made a volunteer aid to Col. Harvey after this; had the pleasure of riding every night up and down the river with him. They found the dragoons now of service; there was a patrol every night up to Queenston and back. Our horses were getting better and the men received every encouragement, which they needed, as it was impossible for the duty to be more severe. Some men were actually on picket 12 and 14 nights following. Many false alarms took place."

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