The GLI discussion group guidelines

From the threat of war to land grants. This forum is for general discussion relating to the Glens.
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The GLI discussion group guidelines

Post by admin » Thu Jun 29, 2006 12:06 pm

Read this before you post anything on this board.

- Please respect your fellow poster. If they ask or request something you consider to be a 'newbie' post, don't flame them for it. Remember, you were a newbie once.

- Moderators have the privilege of closing threads, deleting posts and threads and giving members the status of WARNED and suspend members. Please do not start threads about closed or deleted threads. If you have a problem with any of the moderators' decisions, send a PM to the moderator in question or the moderator of the forum it happened. If you cannot work it out with them, PM the administrator (Glengarry Fencible).

- Don't post just to post. Postcount has absolutely zero relevance on this board. Only the quality and not the quantity of your posts can make you or break you in this community. Some of our most valuable members post the least.

- Don't feed the troll. Either ignore him, give him some household tips or alert a moderator.

- Please avoid thread necromany (that is: posting in a thread that has been inactive for several months to bump it back to the top again). Old threads have usually little relevance anymore. Also, members that posted in it may not be around anymore. If you really want to bring up an old discussion again because you have something of value to add, post a new thread and put a link in it to the old thread. That way people do not have to read through all the old posts to see what is new.

- Don't abuse your signatures. Especially signatures with very large images in them make a thread very difficult to read.

- If you see something offensive posted on any of the forums, click the 'report this post to a moderator' link at the bottom right of the post. Please don't abuse this feature though. Only report offensive posts and don't use it to drag the moderator into any personal dispute you may have. Those should be fought out over PM or e-mail anyway.

- Please do not abuse the 'quote' function when replying to posts unless it is necessary to clarify the point being made. When answering a post that is directly above your post, there is generally no reason to quote the previous post unless it is to include a specific clip. Where a 'quote' is required to accentuate or clarify something regarding your response, please edit out all that is not required. This will keep the thread clean to read and save on disk space.

- If you have a personal vendetta against someone, please try to confine your arguments via email or the boards private messaging system. Personal attacks on other members on the board will not be tolerated, no matter who is right and who is wrong.

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