April 20, 1812 - American numbers mean Voltigeurs needed

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April 20, 1812 - American numbers mean Voltigeurs needed

Post by pud » Wed Apr 11, 2007 10:39 pm

Source: Documentary History of the Campaign on the Niagara Frontier in 1812. Major E. Cruikshank, Fort Erie. WELLAND: Printed at the Tribune. P.53.

"Sir George Prevost to Lord Liverpool.
QUÉBEC, 20th April, 1812.

The recent passing of an Embargo Act in Congress, the orders issued for the march of 1600 men to reinforce the American positions on Lakes Erie and Ontario and the River St. Lawrence indicate an inevitable disposition for hostilities, which have induced me to accept the services of 500 Canadian youth, to be formed into a corps of light infantry or voltigeurs.

As soon as the organization of the militia is en train, I propose visiting Upper Canada to concert with Major-General Brock a general plan of offensive and defensive operations in the event of the democratic spirit of the United States having put the dispute beyond the bounds of accommodation."

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