Provincial Light Cavalry - Canadian (General Order-1813)

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Provincial Light Cavalry - Canadian (General Order-1813)

Post by pud » Sun Feb 25, 2007 8:35 pm

Source: Documentary History of the Campaign Upon the Niagara Frontier in 1813. Part V, January to June, 1813. Lt. Col. E. Cruikshank. Tribune Office, Welland. 1902. P. 86.

"District General Order.
FORT GEORGE, 3rd March, 1813.

(No. 3.)
His Excellency the Commander of the Forces has been pleased to approve of a troop of Provincial Light Cavalry being immediately raised for the service of the Canada's for a period of eighteen months, or during the war with the United States of America, upon the following establishment and conditions:-

The troop to consist of
One captain.
One lieutenant.
One cornet.
One troop sergeant major.
One farrier.
Three sergeants.
Fifty privates.
Officers receiving infantry pay and cavalry allowances.
Men subsisted at.9d per day and rations
For horses provided by the owner.6d per day and rations
For forage for houses.1s 9d per day and rations
Total.3s 0d per day

Each man will receive a bounty of twelve dollars as an outfit-clothing, arms, accoutrements and horse appointments will be found by the Government.

The men and horses to be approved by inspection, the latter to be valued at inspection, and will be paid for if killed or totally disabled in the actual performance of public service.

J. HARVEY, Lieut.-Col.
and D. A. G."

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