Another American take on The Battle of Ogdensburg, 1813

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Another American take on The Battle of Ogdensburg, 1813

Post by pud » Sun Feb 04, 2007 7:52 pm

Source: Poulson's American Daily Advertiser of Philadelphia; February 27th, 1813 (Extract from a Letter from Ogdensburg).

"Before 7 o'clock I saw a company of about 150 men crossing above our village, and another of about double that number below, directly across from Prescott towards the lower part of the village, which was the most vulnerable point. Some of our cannon were frozen fast. Only two or three shot were fired from the batteries. We lost two long iron 12- pounders taken at Saratoga, two long brass 9-pounders, two brass 6-pounders, four iron 6- pounders, two iron 4-pounders, four iron 9-pounder carronades, 800 muskets, 400 rifles, two tons of ammunition, one ton of ball, 1500 barrels of pork and a quantity of blankets. Many of the houses which were deserted were plundered by the rabble from Canada, who flocked over in abundance as soon as the place was taken. We lost 26 killed and wounded and about 60 prisoners. The British burnt the barracks and the two armed schooners, Niagara and Dolphin. We had more than 400 men and lost four killed and two others have since died of their wounds."

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