Ogdensburg - Captain Benjamin Forsyth and his loss

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Ogdensburg - Captain Benjamin Forsyth and his loss

Post by pud » Sun Feb 04, 2007 7:40 pm

Source: American State Papers, Military Affairs, volume 1.

"Captain Benjamin Forsyth to Colonel Macomb.
February 22, 1813.
SIR, - I have only time to inform you that the enemy, with a very superior force, succeeded in taking Ogdensburg this morning about nine o'clock. They had about two men to our one, exclusive of Indians. Numbers of the enemy are dead on the field. Not more than twenty of our men killed and wounded. Lieutenant Beard is among the latter. I have made a saving retreat of about eight or nine miles. I could not get all of the wounded off.

We have killed two of the enemy to one of ours killed by them. We want ammunition and some provisions sent on to us, also sleighs for the wounded.

If you can send me three hundred men all shall be retaken and Prescott, too, or I will lose my life in the attempt. I shall write you more particularly to-day."

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