New Years Day, 1814 - LeCouteur

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New Years Day, 1814 - LeCouteur

Post by pud » Sat Dec 30, 2006 11:31 pm

From the journal of Lt. John Le Couteur, D.E. Graves. Carlton University Press, Ottawa, Ontario. 1993. p. 155.

"1 January [1814]
This is a great day of festivity in Upper Canada as well as elsewhere. It is the visiting day par excellence. The Ladies sit in state, like girls sitting as Bridesmaids at home to receive wedding suits. Cake and Wine and Kisses are privileged to be taken together - many a young fellow has lost his heart on this great day when the too near contact of eyes and lips has formed the first link of a chain destined never to be broken. Red Coats were not deemed sufficiently intimate for the blessing, generally, but I managed now and then to succeed by commencing an attack upon some respectable dowager as a Hornwork."

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