Curing of Meat

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Curing of Meat

Post by pud » Thu Nov 16, 2006 9:18 pm

Source: Dorothy Norris,' 31.

"Curing of Meat
Salt draws moisture.
Sugar keeps moisture.
Saltpetre helps keep colour.

Brine Cure for Pork (80 pounds of pork):
-4 pounds of common salt
-3 pounds of sugar or molasses
-2 ounces of saltpetre
-10 gallons of water

Mix ingredients thoroughly and apply to the outside of the pork once it has been placed skin side down into a large kettle or cauldron.

Dissolve any left over dry mixture into the boiling water, pour it over the meat, and cook. Weigh the meat down with a clean brick. Do not use limestone. Be sure that the meat is under the brine by at least 3 fingers.

Hams, three days to 1 pound.
Shoulders, 2 1/2 days to 1 pound.
Bacon, two days to 1 pound.

Put meat in warm water (just starting to simmer over the open fire) and wash it off. Hang it up at least overnight, until absolutely dry and then hang in a smokehouse. Never use pine to smoke.

Dry Cure Pork (100 pounds):
-8 pounds of salt
-3 pounds of sugar
-3 ounces of saltpetre

Mix ingredients thoroughly. Use half of the mixture on the meat the first time and pack in a barrel or crock. Put it where the liquid can drain. In one week put on the remaining mixture. Leave same as with brine."

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