Biographies of the men in the GLI
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Post by pud » Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:44 pm

Just thought I'd pick on this last name first....

William Anderson - deserted February 25, 1813 (hmm, I wonder what happened there? :^)

Edward Anderson - discharged April 24, 1815

Owen Anderson - discharged May 20, 1815
John Anderson - discharged May 20, 1815
Thomas Anderson - discharged May 20, 1815

All five of these Andersons began with the GLI regiment on February 16, 1812. That is the commonly recognized date that the regiment was formed. It seems that Owen, John and Thomas might have been brothers or close cousins or close friends since they are all lumped together on the official roster and since, too, they were all discharged of their duties on the same day.

Incidentally, the official last day of the regiment, the day of disbandment is: June 24, 1816.

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