OH, the WEIGHT of it ALL !!! :^)

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OH, the WEIGHT of it ALL !!! :^)

Post by pud » Thu Oct 19, 2006 10:19 am

Source: A Media Plan for Military Animation. William Henry. Toronto, Ontario, 1977. p.13.

"The Soldier carried a multitude of other bits of equipment when on campaign. A note in the Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research, Vol. xxxii, 1954, quotes from a book written by a J.S. Cooper in 1869. Cooper recounts his adventures on campaign from 1809-1815 and lists the equipment he carried.

Fusee and Bayonet-14 pounds (Cooper was a Serjeant)
Pouch and 60 Rounds-6 pounds
Two Cross belts-1 pound
Water Bottle-1 pound
Knapsack-3 pounds
Mess Tin-1 pound
Blanket-4 pounds
Great Coat-4 pounds
Dress Coat-3 pounds
Light Jacket-1/2 pound
Two Shirts and Three Breasts-2 1/2 pounds
Two pair Shoes-3 pounds
Trousers-2 pounds
Gaiters-1/4 pound
Two pair Stockings-1 pound
Four brushes, button stick and comb-3 pounds
Pen, ink, chalk, tent pegs-1 3/4 pounds
Three days bread-3 pounds
Two days beef-2 pounds
Water (in Canteen)-3 pounds"

So, there you have it boys. 59 lbs of goodies to carry. Nearly half a man's weight!

"We see then what the well equipped Soldier carried with him. Riflemen Harris (1848) writing of the Peninsular Campaign, stated "the knapsack was our worst enemy in this prolonged march. Many a man died, I am convinced, who would have borne up to the end of our retreat, but for the infernal load we carried on our backs. My own knapsack was my bitterest enemy.... the poor fellows died..... strapped to them on the road.""

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