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Mr. Bevridges Maggot

Post by Glengarry Fencible » Tue Feb 19, 2008 2:59 pm

1 - 1st couple cross and face 2nd couple: all honour (bow and curtsy) new partners:1st woman & 2nd man; 1st man & 2nd woman

2- 1st couple back to back with new partners

3 - 1st couple circle both hands with new parters

4 - 1st couple circle both hands with each other back to place

5 - 1st couple crosses, goes behind 2nd couple and does a back to back, takes hands and faces up the set WHILE 2nd couple walks toward each other then loops out (big loop) and joins hands on either side of the 1st couple (line of 4 people, facing up the set holding hands)

6 - All move forward 4 steps, and move back 4 steps

7 - 1st couple crosses in front of 2nd couple and moves into 2nd place WHILE 2nd couple leads up into 1st place.

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