Sweety Pies

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Sweety Pies

Post by pud » Thu Dec 27, 2007 9:03 pm

“Sweety Pies” was the term given to these treats by maritime soldiers during the war years of the early nineteenth century. It was really just a sweet pastry and was often prepared for the gentry/officers of the regiments and militias.

Source: Halifax Citadel fortress cook (name: unknown). July, 1985.

The following recipe produces approximately 12 lbs of the sweets:

Mix 3 lbs of butter with 2 lbs of sugar until uniform.
Next, combine the following ingredients together:
1 lb weight of cracked eggs (whole) and
1 tablespoon of salt and
2/3 cup of cool fresh water.
After mixing, alternate adding it and 6 lbs of fine flour to the original butter and sugar mixture until all ingredients are well blended. Be careful not to ‘over’ mix!
Keep cool until ready to bake. Can be pan fried too!

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