GLIThe Glengary Light Infantry Fencibles

GLI Difficult Quiz

1. What former Glen was appointed to the Senate by Sir John A. Macdonald in 1867?

Robert Borden
Thomas D'Arcy McGee
George Brown
Roderick Matheson

2. Prior to the Treaty of Ghent being "accepted, signed and concluded" an offer to 'mediate' affairs between Great Britain and the USA was made. Who was it that offered to mediate the two partys at war?

Lt. Governor of Canada
Emperor of Russia
King of Spain
The Pope

3. Mediation between Great Britain and the USA to end the War of 1812 was never utilized; instead Great Britain suggested "direct negotiation" and it was accepted. A "commission" was appointed for the negotiations and they were issued their instructions on what date?

January 28, 1814
April 15, 1813
December 24, 1813
February 28, 1814

4. The War of 1812 negotiating "commissioners" held their first conference at Ghent on what date?

June 27, 1814
July 4, 1814
July 11, 1814
June 30, 1814

5. The Treaty of Ghent was "concluded" on what date?

December 24, 1814
December 1, 1814
December 20, 1814
December 25, 1814

6. On what date did "ratifications" of the Treaty of Ghent take place?

February 28, 1815
February 2, 1815
February 17, 1815
February 20, 1815

7. "Ratifications" of the Treaty of Ghent were signed in what place?

Raleigh, N.C.
London, G.B.
Quebec, L.C.
Washington, D.C.

8. When was the Treaty of Ghent announced to the USA Congress?

March 15, 1815
February 20, 1815
February 28, 1815
March 2, 1815

9. What "Article" of the Treaty of Ghent indicates that all prisoners shall be returned as soon as practicable after ratification?

Article X
Article III
Article II
Article IX

10. When the USA declared war upon Great Britain the Bill was introduced to the House on June 3, 1812. On what date was the "proclamation" announcing the existence of war issued to the 'people' of the USA?

June 21, 1812
June 19, 1812
June 16, 1812
June 18, 1812

11. What "Article" of the Treaty of Ghent indicates that both Great Britain and the USA being desirous of continuing their efforts to promote the abolition of the trafficing in slaves will both use their best endeavours to accomplish so desirable an objective?

Article X
Article IV
Article XI
Article IX

12. On December 24th, 1814, the Treaty of Ghent was signed, at Ghent, to end the War of 1812. It was signed by 8 men. One of those men was, of course, John Quincy Adams, but who was the other "Adams" that signed it? Was it:



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