October 12, 1812 - Brock's final instructions/letters
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Author:  pud [ Fri Oct 13, 2006 5:06 pm ]
Post subject:  October 12, 1812 - Brock's final instructions/letters

Source: A History of the War Between Great Britain and the United States of America During the Years 1812, 1813 & 1814. G. Auchinleck. Arms and Armour Press, 1972. pp. 103 to 104.

Major General Brock to Sir George Prevost,
October 12th.

"The vast number of troops which have been this day added to the strong force previously collected on the opposite side, convince me, with other indications, that an attack is not far distant. I have, in consequence, directed every exertion to be made to complete the militia to two thousand men, but I fear I shall not be able to effect my object."

General Brock [letter of instructions] to Col. Proctor

"The unfortunate disaster which has befallen the Detroit and Caledonia will reduce us to great distress. They were boarded while at anchor at Fort Erie, and carried off; you will learn the particulars from others. A quantity of flour and a little pork were ready to be shipped for Amherstburg; but as I send you the flank companies of the Newfoundland, no part of the provisions can go this trip in the Lady Prevost. It will be necessary to direct her to return with all possible speed, bringing the Mary under her convoy. You will husband your pork, for I am sorry to say there is but little in the country.

An interesting scene is going to commence with you. I am perfectly at ease as to the results, provided we can manage the Indians, and keep them attached to the cause, which, in fact, is theirs.

The fate of the province is in your hands, judging by every appearance; we are not to remain long idle in this quarter. Were it not for the positive injunctions of the commander of the forces, I should have acted with greater decision. This forbearance may be productive of ultimate good, but I doubt its policy, but perhaps we have not the means of judging correctly. You will, of course, adopt a very different line of conduct. The enemy must be kept in a state of continual ferment. If the Indians act as they did under Tecumseh, who probably might be induced to return to Amherstburg, that army will very soon dwindle to nothing. Your artillery must be more numerous and effective than any the enemy can bring, and your store of ammunition will enable you to harass him continually, without leaving much to chance.

I trust you will have destroyed every barrack and public building, and removed the pickets and other defences around the fort at Detroit.

You will have the goodness to state the expedients you possess to enable you to replace, as far as possible, the heavy loss we have sustained in the Detroit. Should I hear of reinforcements coming up, you may rely on receiving your dual proportion.

May every possible success attend you."

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