Glengarry Light Infantry - Their Third (final) Tunic?
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Author:  pud [ Wed Oct 25, 2006 8:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Glengarry Light Infantry - Their Third (final) Tunic?

Secondary Source:
(1) Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research, volume 20 (Spring 1941), pages 38-41.
Primary Source:
(2) Military Uniforms In Canada 1665-1970. Jack Summers and René Chartrand. Canadian War Museum Historical Publication number 16. National Museum of Man National Museums of Canada, 1981. p.72.
(3) And: []=inserts by J. Pudwell

"A green uniform like that of the 95th Rifles was issued to the Glengarry Light Infantry [not cast-off 95th jackets]. The jacket for the men was dark green with a black collar, pointed cuffs, and turn-backs piped with white tape [lace?]. Cloth pantaloons were green; shoulder-straps [epaulet straps] were black, piped with white, and ending in a black tuft [as opposed to the 95th rifles' cloth shoulder/wing]. The most striking feature of the jacket was the three rows of twelve white metal buttons down the front of the breast [no mention of the Canadian Fencible design/cypher on these buttons][and, finally, the specific mention of the number 12 per row].

The cap for both officers and men of the Glengarrys was the black felt "stove-pipe" shako, which remained the head-gear of rifle and light infantry corps even after the introduction of the "Wellington" [Belgique?] shako. The officer' s Badge, a silver bugle with cords and the letters GLI,... It is speculated that other ranks wore a Badge of similar pattern in pewter.,...

The Glengarrys carried the thirty-nine-inch barrel Light Infantry Musket, rather than the Baker rifle of the 95th."

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