My own personal War of 1812 'bible'
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Author:  pud [ Sat Jan 06, 2007 8:24 pm ]
Post subject:  My own personal War of 1812 'bible'

I've had this book with me as my 'bible' to War of 1812 details since 1984. Mr. Auchinleck researched what has now been put into booklet format [the details] over a span of approximately 4 years. What I like best is, that although he was pro-British/Canadian, and lived in Canada for some time during the 1850s, that he meticulously weaves together a great majority of reports of each of the major War of 1812 engagements from BOTH sides. Therefore, giving the reader the opportunity to make assumptions/conclusions for themselves over and beyond the conclusions that he has so beautifully put into his writing about each engagement.

The book is called:
A History Of The War between Great Britain and the United States of America During The Years 1812, 1813 & 1814. G. Auchinleck. Arms and Armour Press and Pendragon House, Great Britain, 1972.

The Arms and Armour Press (A&AP) reference number, for those of you who would like to try to track a copy down for yourselves, is #85368 088 4.

A&AP address in 1972 was:
Lionel Leventhal Limited
2-6 Hampstead High Street,
London [England] N.W.3

Pendragon House Limited published it in Canada.
Their address in 1972 was:
71 Bathurst Street
Toronto 135 [Ontario]

Pendragon House Inc. published it in the USA.
Their address in 1972 was:
899 Broadway Avenue
Redwood City,
California 94063

Good luck and cheers,

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